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Phishing scams are something that is becoming more and more common online today. Disguising themselves as legitimate entities, these scammers try to obtain sensitive information such as your usernames and passwords as well as other sensitive information like your bank details. It is very easy to fall into these traps so it is important to have anti-phishing software to prevent such attacks.

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What is Phishing?
What is Phishing?

The twenty-first century continues to experience booms in innovative technology, and it is arguably the advent of the internet that has reshaped our day to day lives most profoundly. The world wide web offers an endless stream of information and unprecedented levels of connectivity, but cybercrime remains a constant threat, often just a click away.

We’re all aware that viruses and malware are out there, but what exactly is ‘phishing’? Well, chances are you’re either already very aware, or, unfortunately, have unwittingly fallen victim to it. Phishing is simply a malicious ruse…