Windows Defender Review

Microsoft have developed Windows defender which is built-in to all Windows 10 devices, so if you’re reading this on your Windows 10 PC you’ll be protected by Windows Defender, unless you’ve installed a third party alternative. In tests Windows Defender is by far the favourite and under performs in most categories, but it’s free – no subcriptions required, auto-updates and supported by Microsoft.

Windows Defender Review



Reliability and Security

Free? No subscription? Does this mean poor performance? Not in every case, but unfortunately in Window Defender’s case it does. It doesn’t provide bad protection, providing you keep your computer up-to-date and avoid dangerous plug-ins as it only scored a disappointing 3.5/6 with AV-TEST. Howtogeek suggest running MalwareBytes alongside Windows Defender for boosted protection, both free and together will do a good job.


Windows Defender offers nothing special when it comes to features. Standard real-time protection and a quarantine system is all you get, no additional features to help with the protection of your device. It’s worrying that with nothing else to concentrate on that they still can’t produce a product that performs very well. We suggest looking elsewhere.

Value For Money

Windows Defender is free and pre-installed on any Windows 10 device, so we can’t really say it’s bad value for money. The only thing we can say is that it does under-perform in most tests so we suggest purchasing another anti-virus package, which will effectively cost you some cash.

Support and Customer Service

Windows Defender is software developed by Microsoft and so support channels will run through them too. They do offer live chat and telephone support but you could experience long wait times. The great thing with Microsoft products is that they are used by such a massive community and so most issues are addressed via forums by online support agents.

Customer Reviews For Windows Defender

Jay - 27/10/2017

After recently updating to Windows 10, Windows Defender--a combination of the old Defender and Security Essentials, or MSE, and titled as the latter--no longer auto-updates nor can be manually updated with the latest virus definitions, at least not on my 64-bit Acer PC. Also, the tedium of getting rid of annoying Symantec pop-up prompts, recurring desktop icons, etc., to "reinstall" their own virus program which I never had right after Win10 installation makes me regret ever leaving Win7! All in all, Security Essentials (Windows Defender, repackaged with MSE) is a loser that leaves my Win10 set-up unprotected.