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Does my brand new computer need virus protection software?

A common misconception is that antivirus software is generally seen as a tool for computers that have been well used and machines that have a good chance of having a virus. While this is a good reason to use an antivirus do you need to invest in antivirus software if you have recently purchased a computer? The answer is yes, any new computer should have virus protection software installed as nasty viruses can easily infect your computer without you knowing no matter how careful you think you are with your computer.

Virus protection software embeds itself into your computer and will detect any malicious software trying to infect your machine, your protection software will intercept a whole range of unwanted nasties including adware, spyware and trojan horses.

Owning virus protection software is vital whether you have a new or old computer and should be installed on each of your personal devices, the outlay for a good virus protection software is a drop in the ocean compared to the price you will have to pay to repair your machine upon being infected by one of the countless viruses that exist today. With the growing cost of computer hardware and software in this day in age you can ill afford to be without a good virus protection software, there are many companies that offer a wide range of solutions with added extras ranging from parental controls to VPN services. So invest today, whether new or old your computer needs protection don’t wait until it’s too late.