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Can I remove malware for free?

Malware, in simple terms is nasty software that is designed intended to cause damage to your PC.  Removing it can be a painful task, so we have reviewed and tested all the top antiviruses for your convenience.

So can malware be removed for free?  Yes, the process of malware removal can be done completely free of charge with specific software. There are plenty of providers out there that have created this type of software, which is awesome news but is that too good to be true? Free software that cleans your PC? Well, technically yes there are some effective programs out there but you’ll get much more bang for your buck if you invest in a complete package.

A complete antivirus will offer much more features from removal, prevention to browser protection and firewalls giving you the ultimate defense against viruses.  You’ll find that the free software will only be designed for malware removal and any other features won’t be included in the software or sometimes included but not activated for the free license.

The most effective malware removal programs have integrated tools that allow for quarantining, which allows software to be safely contained without being fully removed. The advantages of this would be that if any legitimate software get’s accidentally flagged up for malware you can simply override the antivirus.

The problem with some free solutions is that they won’t include real-time scanning, which is this day and age is a must!  The ability to constantly monitor your PC for software changes is so important, without this malware could be getting installed left, right and centre and will only become noticed when a scan is run.  By this time the damage could’ve already been done.

So to summarise we suggest finding a complete security package, this will not only remove viruses but also prevent them, and you might also get a few bonus features like a firewall and smartphone protection!