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How To Use Adware Removal Software

If you aren't using adware removal software right now whilst reading this, then you're living on borrowed time! Don't worry - this website is safe, but there are countless other sites out there which could put your computer at risk. 

So we've established that it's important to use adware removal software, but how do you actually use it? Modern adware removal programs have many features and settings, but there are basically two scenarios where you'd use the software - firstly if you're preventing yourself from getting a virus, and secondly if you're trying to diagnose and remove a virus.

Let's focus on the first scenario - you're taking the smart route and protecting yourself against viruses and malware before you get infected. The first thing to do is to choose the adware removal software that best fits your needs, and you can find plenty of resources on this site to help you make that choice. After that, it's important to configure the settings of the software to ensure you're getting protection around the clock.  Whilst certain adware removal softwares will keep you protected for the whole time your system is on, others will have toggles you need to double check to keep you continuously protected.

The great thing about adware removal software is that most are 'set and forget'. Once you've completed the steps above, in theory you should be able to leave the software to operate in the background, keeping you protected around the clock. 

If you're unfortunate enough to have already contracted a virus in the form of adware on your computer, all is not lost. Following similar steps to those above, you should be able to locate the malicious files on your machine and have them removed. Look for some sort of scanning feature when you open up your adware removal software and perform a scan of your entire system to root out all nasty files. Once you've found the files, most software programs will allow you to quarantine and remove any adware files, making your system far safer and cleaner!