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How to Block Ads and Stop Pop Ups with an AdBlock

Did you know that you can block ads in Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox with an Ad Blocker? Ad blocker will remove ads and pop ups in real-time allowing you to browse the web faster and in privacy.

Most of us can tolerate a bit of advertising during our favourite TV shows, but our patience runs thin when it comes to obtrusive marketing on websites. Pop-ups tend to be user-reactive, meaning that they’ll automatically burst onto screen as you navigate and scroll. For instance, you could be reading an interesting article – and then BOOM! Your content’s been kicked off the screen, replaced by an advert.

Pop-up irritation levels can vary depending on a website’s ‘ad-heaviness’, and also the type of device you’re using. Ad-cluttered websites viewed on desktops are generally a bit more bearable – simply because the screen is larger – compared to smaller smart devices which have limited screen size to display both ads and content. The bottom line is repeated pop-ups can become a real nuisance.

But luckily you don’t have to wade through pop-ups anymore courtesy of ad-blocking solutions, such as those built into popular browsers, and browser extension ad-blockers now available for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So no matter your device and platform, whether it’s Edge on desktop or Safari on mobile, there’s a quick-fire solution just a click away.

Nowadays, more and more users are taking advantage of user-friendly ad-blockers provided by marquee anti-virus suites. These browser extension add-ons, offered for free or for a small additional charge (depending on the service), can be very handy indeed since they require minimal computer expertise, and can be activated from a lightweight, straightforward control panel.

Ad-blockers, however you plan to implement one, are essential not just to enhance site loading speeds and responsiveness, but because they can negate surprisingly real cyber security threats. Since advertising networks can suffer hacking attacks – whereby an ad can be injected with malicious software which could potentially, in turn, affect your device – ad-blockers can be a form of online protection.

So, considering this, an ad-blocker could act as a double-punch when surfing; affording you a smoother ride, while creating greater online safety. Of course, it’s always recommended that you carry out some research into the pop-up blocker’s developer/service prior to signing up and installing.

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