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Which Ad Blocker Is best to block ads?

An ad blocker allows you to remove ads from your favourite web browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Adblock tools are a great way to restore privacy and maintain a faster browsing experience.

Nowadays it seems like just about every website out there operates as ecommerce, with advertisements – be it banners or videos – bombarding our screens, often ruining the browsing experience. These types of adverts are known as pop-ups, and, while they can sometimes be tolerable, they’re mostly just plain frustrating.

They can spring up as the first thing you see on page, continuing to encroach the screen as you scroll, breaking up paragraphs of text, making it hard to easily digest content. And because there’s so much intrusive clutter hitting your device – whether you’re using a desktop, laptop or mobile – it’s not just going to jumble your browser, but slow it down too.

So how do you block these annoying, relentless pop-ups for good? There are a couple of different ways to do this, such as configuring individual browser settings to block ads, and installing an ad-blocking extension in your browser, the latter of which is available from a host of developers that cater to specific platforms like Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The anti-virus market is incredibly competitive these days, with most, if not all, of the top brands vying for the top spot by offering a lot more than just the standard fundamentals of a virus and malware protection suite. These providers now endeavour to go the extra mile, offering a range of extra features, including pop-up/ad-blockers.

So the answer is absolutely yes, anti-virus can – in the form of a browser extension add-on – offer users a pop-up killer solution. Since it’s paramount for all of us to protect our devices with a reputable anti-virus app (considering today’s evolving state of cyber crime), it makes perfect sense to also reap the benefits of a service’s ad-blockers.

Ad-blockers provided by these suites tend to be more convenient due to the fact that, once installed, most can be activated in seconds using the app’s user-friendly control panel, bypassing the need to otherwise configure each individual browser’s various configuration settings.

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