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Windows 10 Antivirus Software

Windows 10 is now the largest Microsoft operating system and is by far the best ever. The antivirus intergrated with Windows 10 is the new Microsoft Defender and is now vastly improved, however it is still recomended to get an antivirus from a leading provider to detect faster againest day 0 threats.

Antivirus software have come a long way since their beginnings in 1987, when efficient removal of viruses was a luxury. Nowadays, the average antivirus software goes far and beyond simply removing malware from a device and protecting it, the products have evolved into more of a complete security suite as other dangers to PCs were discovered. As a minimum, antivirus software should be able to scan a computer, detect malware and remove it; if the program doesn’t do achieve that at least, it’s not an antivirus! Antivirus software today is capable of much more, allowing you to further protect your digital world in many different ways.

The first of our top features you should look out for in an antivirus is file backup in the cloud. Backing up your files in the cloud takes away the dangers of physical damage to your computer, examples of which could be your computer hardware malfunctioning or being destroyed (by accident or maliciously), having your computer stolen, natural disasters ruining your hard drive… There are many possibilities that will occur at least once in someone’s lifetime, so it’s smart to be protected from it. Backing up your files in the cloud is one way of achieving this. When you backup your files in the cloud, you create a copy of the files that can be restored with a connection to the internet, allowing you to safeguard your private documents, precious family memories in photos and videos, anything which is important to you and is stored on your computer! Ideally, this feature would be extended to your mobile device, as the chances of physical damage, loss or theft of your mobile device is far higher than for your computer.

Our next top feature to look out for in antivirus software products is the employment of a built in VPN service. A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is a way of privatising your internet browsing, which prevents data siphoning attempts by hackers at the source and keeps your history, habits and data inputs safe. A VPN works by connecting your computer to the internet via an server which uses bank-level encryption, making your location and browsing data near impossible to decipher. There have been many cases of identity theft which could have been prevented through the use of a VPN service, by employing one directly in an antivirus it extends the software’s ability to protection you from internet dangers far more proficiently. VPNs are a very rare addition to an antivirus due to the software being relatively new to the mass market and the cost of providing it. If you were to use a VPN software on it’s own you should expect to pay the same as you would for a standard premium antivirus product.

There are many different features you should look out for when looking to buy antivirus software, but file backup and VPN integration are the 2 killer features for 2021.